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Viola Club Polonia - Fiorentina supporters from Poland

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First contacts between Polish Fiorentina fans date back to the late 90's and early 21st century along with the first web pages about Fiorentina on Polish internet (private contacts probably took place much earlier but were limited to local communities). Throughout all these years a purple community was being created and expanded, mainly due to the increasing access to the internet. Then nobody dreamed about supporters' meetings, much less about match trips. Over time, limiting ourselves to text conversations, exchanging opinions on websites or message boards was no longer enough. Watching purple footballers on tv provided incredible emotions, but something was missing, we stil felt unsatisfied...

Coordinated activities of Polish Fiorentina supporters began in 2008, from the match trip to Prague (Slavia - Fiorentina 0:0). The following year we organized a fans meeting in Poznań and we went on a trip to Budapest for Debrecen - Fiorentina match. On 20th February 2010, during meeting in Łódź, a group of twelve Polish supporters of Fiorentina decided to set up a fan club. In March 2010 took place our first trip to Florence for a match against Juventus (1:2). On 14th May Viola Club Polonia has been officially registered in Zabrze as an association. Our dreams came true.

Since then, we have traveled tens of thousands of kilometers, visited several places in different countries (like Florence, Mönchengladbach, London, Rome, Warsaw, Budapest, Liberec, Prague), watched over a dozen matches and organized some reunions in Poland and all the time we want more. We also had meetings with several players (e.g. Vargas, Pasqual, Neto, Błaszczykowski, Boruc, Wolski, Prandelli, Montolivo...).

On a daily basis, we communicate via the Internet or by phone, but we try to organize events 2-3 times per annum. We made some VCP gadgets like cups, mugs, scarves, stickers, t-shirts, jumpers and others.

Currently we have 20 members.


12.08.2008 || Slavia Prague - ACF Fiorentina (0:0) || Prague (Czech Republic) [#01]
21.10.2009 || Debrecen VSC - ACF Fiorentina (3:4) || Budapest (Hungary) [#02]
06.03.2010 || ACF Fiorentina - Juventus (1:2) || Florence (Italy) [#03]
13.04.2010 || ACF Fiorentina - Inter Milan (0:1) || Florence (Italy) [#04]

---------------------------------------AS VIOLA CLUB POLONIA---------------------------------------

10.04.2011 || ACF Fiorentina - AC Milan (1:2) || Florence (Italy) [#05]
01.04.2012 || ACF Fiorentina - Chievo Verona (1:2) || Florence (Italy) [#06]
06.04.2014 || ACF Fiorentina - Udinese Calcio (2:1) || Florence (Italy) [#07]
03.05.2014 || ACF Fiorentina - SSC Napoli (1:3) || Rome (Italy) [#08]
16.08.2014 || ACF Fiorentina - Real Madryt (2:1) || Warsaw (Poland) [#09]
19.02.2015 || Tottenham Hotspur - ACF Fiorentina (1:1) || London (England) [#10]
05.11.2015 || Lech Poznań - ACF Fiorentina (0:2) || Poznań (Poland) [#11]
17.04.2016 || ACF Fiorentina - Sassuolo (3:1) || Florence (Italy) [#12]
20.10.2016 || Slovan Liberec- ACF Fiorentina (1:3) || Liberec (Czech Republic) [#13]
16.02.2017 || Borussia Mönchengladbach - ACF Fiorentina (0:1) || Mönchengladbach (Germany) [#14]
14.04.2019 || ACF Fiorentina - Bologna FC (0:0) || Florence (Italy) [#15]
21.05.2022 || ACF Fiorentina - Juventus (2:0) || Florence (Italy) [#16]



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See you at the match! Forza Viola per sempre!